i was just sourcing a bit of interior design inspiration as i’m heading home home this weekend to decorate my old bedroom, and stumbled upon this gem. urm. NICE. that’s a nice bit of mid-century modern going on there! anyway, i’m thinking i’m gonna go for a blue/grey statement wall, and the rest white… we shall see!

other than that, my course is going really well and i’m completely loving it. hopefully i’ll share some of my work over on my new blog soon! eek!

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things have changed around here a bit. i’m a student again! hurrah! only part time but still… i’m kinda loving it already. i have transformed my dining table into a desk, which will do until we can move to somewhere a bit bigger. i have an imac and crap loads of designy stuff. it’s nice and i like it. so anyway, i’ve started a new blog !!! it looks pretty similar to this one so far but hopefully it’ll change and grow lots over the next year or so. i’m hoping to share loads of design inspiration and some of my own work over there too. sort of a visual diary to run along side my course. i’m not sure what will happen to ourdreamlives – what do you think? my big sister fran and i started it over two years ago but it’s pretty much just me here now. maybe i’ll carry on with both and post here from time to time too. i’ll have to see how it goes. but i’ll keep you posted…! hope you have a good weekend!

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i’m feeling incredibly inspired by colour and pattern at the moment, which is probably a good thing as my course is about to begin! i even did a bit of painting this week, i’ve not been feeling great and it was an awesome way to unwind and relax. i’ll share my work once i’ve got it framed. anywayyy, these designs are awesome. that cushion is amazing, i want it x 5. also, an illustration magazine which can be reused as wrapping paper? brilliant!

tray / cushion / magazine all from theo theo.

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as promised some photos of our super relaxing holiday in greece. there was lots of reading, swimming,  sunbathing, greek salad, greek yoghurt, nice wine and snoozing. But there was also exploring white sandy beaches, beautiful cliff top walks and walking through white walled alleys in skiathos town. i couldn’t get enough of the colourful shutters, the lines of washing in the sunshine and the crazy electric wires.

soooooo pretty! take me back……..

images by me. you can see some of my instagram snaps here too!

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lovely inspiring artwork by rachel castle, who fran disovered ages ago. i really love the simple compositions and striking colours of these paintings and prints. i think a few of these pieces would look so fab in plain frames on a big white wall, don’t you? yeay neon!

i’ll share some photos of greece soon, promise, maybe…!

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just popping in to say hi and bye! nick and i are off to skiathos in the morning, home of mama mia the movie, apparently. i need to forget that quick or i’ll have abba in my head all week long. no thanks. aaannnyway, hopefully it’ll be a lovely week of sunshine, sea, exploring and fabulous greek food. can’t wait! will be back here in just over a week, see you then! x


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some photos of bath architecture, for your eyes. my sisters and i were there on sunday. we mooched around, did a bit of shopping, bought an m&s picnic and sat in front of the royal crescent. for ages. some yummy salads, a big fat newspaper, fresh fruit, lots of silly photos, some chocolate covered popcorn, obviously, a couple of naps and bit of sunburn (oops!) later and we were about ready to make a move, and go to the fudge shop. it was such a lovely day. bath is super gorgeous! i took seven million photos of the beautiful architecture. i had obviously been there before but not for a while, and it was such a perfect gorgeous sunny day for it. i’ve been out of london for the last three weekends and have visited oxford, bristol, bath, swindon and the costworlds. hence the lack of blog posts lately. i’ve got another busy couple of weeks coming up, but that’s ok because come mid september I’ll be glued to my desk (dining table) for the forseeable future and will never be able to leave london again. eeeep.

images by me taken on the iphone, edited with vscocam.

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it’s official. i’m starting a bigger, longer and much more scarier graphic design course in just four short weeks. the course i did this spring and summer was short and sweet, but i loved it all the same. it helped to reassure me that i definitely want to be doing something more creative with my life. something i’ve known for a long time, to be honest. so i’ve made the big decision to go for it… it took me a loooong time! turns out i’m not all that good at making big decisions these days. seriously, when i was 22 i got back from travelling around asia, and moved to london on a whim with no money and no job. HA! what was i thinking?! that actually all worked out though, so there you go… anyyyway… i’m determined to throw myself in to this and make the most of it. horray! excited. nervous. mostly excited. so, to get the ball rolling, some stuff i’ve seen and loved lately…

contents page by aprile elchich / pino branding / mood board by breanna rose

and you can see looooooads more of that over here.

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i’ve seen these photographs pop up here and there recently, mostly on pinterest. but only just discovered the entire collection by gray malin titled ‘a la plage, a la piscine’ and they’re incredible! taken from above in a helicopter and picking up details of beaches, sea and pools across 4 different continents. i adore the colours, the natural compositions and the fabulous summery feel that these images have. perfect for this gorgeous sunshiney weekend!

right, we’re heading out of london for a long weekend with friends, whoo hoo! hope you have a good one!

found via i’m breanna rose.

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