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i’m feeling incredibly inspired by colour and pattern at the moment, which is probably a good thing as my course is about to begin! i even did a bit of painting this week, i’ve not been feeling great and it was an awesome way to unwind and relax. i’ll share my work once i’ve got it framed. anywayyy, these designs are awesome. that cushion is amazing, i want it x 5. also, an illustration magazine which can be reused as wrapping paper? brilliant!

tray / cushion / magazine all from theo theo.

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it’s official. i’m starting a bigger, longer and much more scarier graphic design course in just four short weeks. the course i did this spring and summer was short and sweet, but i loved it all the same. it helped to reassure me that i definitely want to be doing something more creative with my life. something i’ve known for a long time, to be honest. so i’ve made the big decision to go for it… it took me a loooong time! turns out i’m not all that good at making big decisions these days. seriously, when i was 22 i got back from travelling around asia, and moved to london on a whim with no money and no job. HA! what was i thinking?! that actually all worked out though, so there you go… anyyyway… i’m determined to throw myself in to this and make the most of it. horray! excited. nervous. mostly excited. so, to get the ball rolling, some stuff i’ve seen and loved lately…

contents page by aprile elchich / pino branding / mood board by breanna rose

and you can see looooooads more of that over here.

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there is so much gorgeous stuff on etsy at the moment, i’m sure it just keeps getting better and better and i feel like finding new lovely things on there is just never ending. i need more time. here is some rather lovely stuff i’ve found recently (triangles yeay!)…

stationery setcushion / earrings.

i’ll be spending much of this weekend at the olympic park. two weeks to go. two weeks to go. i’ll just keep telling myself that. but also am managing to squeeze in some time with some friends, and nick, and fran, whoo! i hope you have a good one, whatever you’re up to!

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there’s something about simple patterns in black and white that i’m just loving at the moment. this polka dot shirt looks so cute and comfy… and that bedding? ohmigosh yes please. whyyyy isn’t it available in urban outfitters uk? i keep stumbling upon gorgeous bedding recently but i’m trying to save save save at the moment so i’ll just have to wait!

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my old cath kidston iphone case is on it’s last legs, i seriously need to get me a replacement and i’m very much liking the look of these…

colourful, fun patterns. love. which is your favourite? i’m edging towards the gold and neutral triangles myself! sorry posts are still few and far between, life is still very very busy and i can’t imagine that’ll change anytime soon! we’re flying off to guernsey tomorrow morning for another wedding, so have a good weekend y’all!

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happy monday people! i booked an extra day off work after a very busy weekend so have been out and about enjoying this beautiful weather. sunshine definitely makes me happy! oh, and here is a series of illustrations by ventral is golden which i discovered in selfridges a while back as a set of greeting cards. i really like these, i think they’re so sweet. don’t you?

you can see more of these illustrations here.

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so i recently started a graphic design course at central saint martins, it’s early days but i’m really enjoying it so far. i’ve been looking here there and everywhere for research and a bit of inspiration, i’m normally taken by simple and minimal designs, but there was something about these collage style designs by dawn gardner which really stood out to me. i love the colours, layers, images and patterns.

if there are any graphic designers whose work you really admire i’d love to know about them! i hope you have a good weekend, i’m off to bristol in the morning for fran’s birthday, can’t wait!

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I discovered this hilarious print (well, I think Fran did) ages ago, and I love love it. But i’ve somehow only recently come across all the other brilliant work by London based designer and illustrator Aled Lewis. Do you love these? I love these so much. I’d like one on my wall please.

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