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things have changed around here a bit. i’m a student again! hurrah! only part time but still… i’m kinda loving it already. i have transformed my dining table into a desk, which will do until we can move to somewhere a bit bigger. i have an imac and crap loads of designy stuff. it’s nice and i like it. so anyway, i’ve started a new blog !!! it looks pretty similar to this one so far but hopefully it’ll change and grow lots over the next year or so. i’m hoping to share loads of design inspiration and some of my own work over there too. sort of a visual diary to run along side my course. i’m not sure what will happen to ourdreamlives – what do you think? my big sister fran and i started it over two years ago but it’s pretty much just me here now. maybe i’ll carry on with both and post here from time to time too. i’ll have to see how it goes. but i’ll keep you posted…! hope you have a good weekend!

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lovely inspiring artwork by rachel castle, who fran disovered ages ago. i really love the simple compositions and striking colours of these paintings and prints. i think a few of these pieces would look so fab in plain frames on a big white wall, don’t you? yeay neon!

i’ll share some photos of greece soon, promise, maybe…!

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i’ve seen these photographs pop up here and there recently, mostly on pinterest. but only just discovered the entire collection by gray malin titled ‘a la plage, a la piscine’ and they’re incredible! taken from above in a helicopter and picking up details of beaches, sea and pools across 4 different continents. i adore the colours, the natural compositions and the fabulous summery feel that these images have. perfect for this gorgeous sunshiney weekend!

right, we’re heading out of london for a long weekend with friends, whoo hoo! hope you have a good one!

found via i’m breanna rose.

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my old cath kidston iphone case is on it’s last legs, i seriously need to get me a replacement and i’m very much liking the look of these…

colourful, fun patterns. love. which is your favourite? i’m edging towards the gold and neutral triangles myself! sorry posts are still few and far between, life is still very very busy and i can’t imagine that’ll change anytime soon! we’re flying off to guernsey tomorrow morning for another wedding, so have a good weekend y’all!

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i love the idea of hanging a huge painting somewhere prominent in your home, to make a proper feature of the art. i used to paint big pictures a lot when i was younger, but haven’t for a while, mostly due to lack of space. but i’d really like to take it up again. i think you could base the style of a whole room on a painting, and love how these paintings look on these big blank walls.

this last image – wow! image 1 / image 2 / image 3

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happy monday people! i booked an extra day off work after a very busy weekend so have been out and about enjoying this beautiful weather. sunshine definitely makes me happy! oh, and here is a series of illustrations by ventral is golden which i discovered in selfridges a while back as a set of greeting cards. i really like these, i think they’re so sweet. don’t you?

you can see more of these illustrations here.

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so i recently started a graphic design course at central saint martins, it’s early days but i’m really enjoying it so far. i’ve been looking here there and everywhere for research and a bit of inspiration, i’m normally taken by simple and minimal designs, but there was something about these collage style designs by dawn gardner which really stood out to me. i love the colours, layers, images and patterns.

if there are any graphic designers whose work you really admire i’d love to know about them! i hope you have a good weekend, i’m off to bristol in the morning for fran’s birthday, can’t wait!

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I discovered this hilarious print (well, I think Fran did) ages ago, and I love love it. But i’ve somehow only recently come across all the other brilliant work by London based designer and illustrator Aled Lewis. Do you love these? I love these so much. I’d like one on my wall please.

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I just stumbled across this absolutely gorgeous swoon worthy photography by Nick Meek, and thought I should probably share it with you. You can check out more if his work here.

And that’s all I have to say about that. Hope you all had good weekends – my four day weekend was super lovely, and just what I needed!

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