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i was just sourcing a bit of interior design inspiration as i’m heading home home this weekend to decorate my old bedroom, and stumbled upon this gem. urm. NICE. that’s a nice bit of mid-century modern going on there! anyway, i’m thinking i’m gonna go for a blue/grey statement wall, and the rest white… we shall see!

other than that, my course is going really well and i’m completely loving it. hopefully i’ll share some of my work over on my new blog soon! eek!

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i love the idea of hanging a huge painting somewhere prominent in your home, to make a proper feature of the art. i used to paint big pictures a lot when i was younger, but haven’t for a while, mostly due to lack of space. but i’d really like to take it up again. i think you could base the style of a whole room on a painting, and love how these paintings look on these big blank walls.

this last image – wow! image 1 / image 2 / image 3

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without really thinking about it i’ve started to collect lovely kitchen jars, some antique, some new and shiney, some plain and some fancy. it’s a new obsession. we don’t have all that much space in our little kitchen in islington, and the space we do have is filling up fast. but jars filled with porridge oats and tea bags and brown sugar just look so lovely. so i think i’m just going to carry on…

image from here.

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I spotted this house over on the design files the other day, and seriously love love it. It’s absolutely the perfect mix of old and new, and is full of natural light, lovely art, and unique furniture. Picture frames and postcards, open shelves and wallpapered cupboards, wooden floors and patterned rugs, old wood and new metal, neutral walls and bright art. Sally, make your home look like this when you’re a grown up.

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If you follow me on pinterest you may have noticed I’m just a little bit in love with neon pinks and neon reds at the moment! Nothing too waaaahinyourface, just little hints and pops of the colour… love them loads. I currently have neon red nails! And I’m restoring a mirror at the moment, and when it’s finished I’m hoping that it will add a little pop of neon to our little home. Yeay!

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So, we live in a rented flat in London, which basically means I get cravings and urges all the time to paint walls and radiators, put up new curtains, smash up our wardrobes, and bang ridiculous amounts of picture hooks into the walls. But, well, we can’t really go overboard like that, sigh. And pinterest doesn’t help as it gets me swooning over dream homes all the freaking time. But then I found these…

…and have started using washi tape to put up prints and pictures. I actually love that it adds a bit of colour to our walls, and also how it’s not at all permanent and I can move things around. I bought a few more rolls of tape from Smug on the weekend, I’m gonna go washi tape craaaazy!

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I’m in love with this home I just spotted on Design*Sponge belonging to Josie Curran & Barnaby Girling… It’s seriously awesome. The lovely white walls. The colour organised bookshelves. The eclectic framed prints. The beautiful colourful furniture. I die. OH! And did I mention, it’s a houseboat on the Thames! Ay-mazing.

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