some photos of bath architecture, for your eyes. my sisters and i were there on sunday. we mooched around, did a bit of shopping, bought an m&s picnic and sat in front of the royal crescent. for ages. some yummy salads, a big fat newspaper, fresh fruit, lots of silly photos, some chocolate covered popcorn, obviously, a couple of naps and bit of sunburn (oops!) later and we were about ready to make a move, and go to the fudge shop. it was such a lovely day. bath is super gorgeous! i took seven million photos of the beautiful architecture. i had obviously been there before but not for a while, and it was such a perfect gorgeous sunny day for it. i’ve been out of london for the last three weekends and have visited oxford, bristol, bath, swindon and the costworlds. hence the lack of blog posts lately. i’ve got another busy couple of weeks coming up, but that’s ok because come mid september I’ll be glued to my desk (dining table) for the forseeable future and will never be able to leave london again. eeeep.

images by me taken on the iphone, edited with vscocam.

{posted by s}

  1. krystal said:

    i am LOVING these photos…very good!

  2. love that second shot down in particular. i’ve been meaning to go to Bath! natasha x

  3. Heather said:

    I love Bath. Such gorgeous architecture.

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