busy. catching up with friends. sorting out my flat, and my life. making big decisions. enjoying london2012 and the amazing atmosphere which has come with it. cooking up lovely summery meals. trying to recuperate a bit. getting frustrated with london flat hunting. trying to make do with what we’ve got. being good and saving money. drinking lots of tea. gathering lots of inspiration. i thought i’d have loads of time once the olympic opening ceremony was over, and i don’t. enjoying the summer anyway. i hope you are too!

two images: this evening’s sky, by me / nails & tea, hello it’s valentine

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three and a half months of rehearsals in scorching sunshine and torrential rain at three different locations, three dress rehearsals and one huge insane enormous show, and the opening ceremony adventure is over. a few weeks ago i couldn’t waaaaait for rehearsals to be over, then all of a sudden i felt sad on the days when i wasn’t dancing around the stadium in my silly costume. it all got super intense and super exciting and even more fun and now it’s back to reality with a bang. i can’t beleive i almost pulled out at one stage. would i do it again? absolutely! i made the loveliest group of friends, we shared so many hilarious moments together and overall it was such an amazing and surreal experience. i have never felt so ridiculously excited in my life! having the opportunity to be directed by danny boyle in one of the biggest shows the world has seen was just incredible. there is a big gap to be filled… i need to sign up to some more dance classes! but for the time being i’m just going to enjoy my free time *horray* and make the most of the summer before the next big thing begins… which, fingers crossed, won’t be too long from now.

image by me using vsco cam.

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there is so much gorgeous stuff on etsy at the moment, i’m sure it just keeps getting better and better and i feel like finding new lovely things on there is just never ending. i need more time. here is some rather lovely stuff i’ve found recently (triangles yeay!)…

stationery setcushion / earrings.

i’ll be spending much of this weekend at the olympic park. two weeks to go. two weeks to go. i’ll just keep telling myself that. but also am managing to squeeze in some time with some friends, and nick, and fran, whoo! i hope you have a good one, whatever you’re up to!

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you know when you dicover a store, and you could happily buy everything in it? yeah, that just happened. i literally looovvveee all the stuff in mikkat market. yes please yes please yes please yes please. but of course it’s not uk based, sigh. still very tempting though…

floaty fabrics, bright accessories, ombre tops and geometric jewellery. total awesomeness.

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there’s something about simple patterns in black and white that i’m just loving at the moment. this polka dot shirt looks so cute and comfy… and that bedding? ohmigosh yes please. whyyyy isn’t it available in urban outfitters uk? i keep stumbling upon gorgeous bedding recently but i’m trying to save save save at the moment so i’ll just have to wait!

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hey… sorry i’ve been a bit quiet of late. every single part of my life is crazy busy at the moment.

i finished my graphic design course, i really enjoyed it but was hoping that by the end of it i’d know if i should persue it further or not, and well, i don’t really. help! there is a lot to think about, much research to be done and some big decisions to be made! eek!

in the mean time my olympic rehearsal scedule is now insane, and i’m spending countless hours dancing around the stadium. still. so. surreal. i’m completely exhausted although the rehearsals themselves are still lots of fun! roll on august and the first weekend without a rehearsal since april!

so it’ll probably stay quiet around here for a while, but i’ll definitely find the time to appreciate the lovely little things, like these gorgeous roses i snapped on some sunny lunch breaks in june. aren’t they so gorgeous?! follow me on instagram for more regular updates, i have a bit more time for that!

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nick and i are just back from a lovely sunny couple of days in guernsey. we went over for a friends wedding on friday and spent saturday relaxing recovering in the sunshine, exploring beautiful gardens and beaches and wishing we could have stayed a little longer. we stayed in a gorgeous hotel in fermain  valley, and it was lovely and quaint and charming!

and some lovely stuff i’ve seen around blog land recently…

sorry for the crappy iphone pics, we packed light so didn’t take my slr!

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my old cath kidston iphone case is on it’s last legs, i seriously need to get me a replacement and i’m very much liking the look of these…

colourful, fun patterns. love. which is your favourite? i’m edging towards the gold and neutral triangles myself! sorry posts are still few and far between, life is still very very busy and i can’t imagine that’ll change anytime soon! we’re flying off to guernsey tomorrow morning for another wedding, so have a good weekend y’all!

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flowers in st mary’s garden in regent’s park / a new dress from vera moda / my fave pencil which my friend claire sent me from australia / dramatic sky over lonsdale square / above my mantlepiece; postcard from the kusama exhibition at tate modern, my fave convex mirror which we found in an antique shop for £5, postcard from seventy tree and a silly photo of me and my darling dad who i’ll be missing especially this weekend.

a couple of these are edited on vsco cam app which i’ve been hearing lots of fab things about, i like it so far but feel like i’m probably not getting the most out of it yet – anyone got any tips?!

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