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there is so much gorgeous stuff on etsy at the moment, i’m sure it just keeps getting better and better and i feel like finding new lovely things on there is just never ending. i need more time. here is some rather lovely stuff i’ve found recently (triangles yeay!)…

stationery setcushion / earrings.

i’ll be spending much of this weekend at the olympic park. two weeks to go. two weeks to go. i’ll just keep telling myself that. but also am managing to squeeze in some time with some friends, and nick, and fran, whoo! i hope you have a good one, whatever you’re up to!

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you know when you dicover a store, and you could happily buy everything in it? yeah, that just happened. i literally looovvveee all the stuff in mikkat market. yes please yes please yes please yes please. but of course it’s not uk based, sigh. still very tempting though…

floaty fabrics, bright accessories, ombre tops and geometric jewellery. total awesomeness.

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one of my birthday presents, from some lovely friends, was this necklace from iswas & willbe which I pinned a while back. needless to say I LOVE it, and love my friends for checking out my pinterest! it’s so pretty and unusual and looks awesome with a plain white tee-shirt. I’ve since checked out the rest of their stuff, and it’s all very gorgeous, plus it comes in the most beautiful packaging! I’d seriously recommend if you’re looking for a lovely gift for someome special!

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Sometimes I get a bit sad that I don’t live in America when I discover a company like this

Gorgeous simple basics, pretty patterns, chunky boots and unique jewellery. I could buy sooo much from this store right now…

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Once again, I’m sorry it’s been a while, busy times… I have been completely loving this unexpected heatwave, I’m sure it was autumn a couple of weeks ago?! Digging out my summer clothes, spending lots of time outdoors, spontaneous drinks with friends, taking ridiculous amounts of photos of the blue sky..! I have also been…

I hope you all have lovely weekends! x

Images by me, taken yesterday in Regent’s Park.