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i was just sourcing a bit of interior design inspiration as i’m heading home home this weekend to decorate my old bedroom, and stumbled upon this gem. urm. NICE. that’s a nice bit of mid-century modern going on there! anyway, i’m thinking i’m gonna go for a blue/grey statement wall, and the rest white… we shall see!

other than that, my course is going really well and i’m completely loving it. hopefully i’ll share some of my work over on my new blog soon! eek!

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i’m feeling incredibly inspired by colour and pattern at the moment, which is probably a good thing as my course is about to begin! i even did a bit of painting this week, i’ve not been feeling great and it was an awesome way to unwind and relax. i’ll share my work once i’ve got it framed. anywayyy, these designs are awesome. that cushion is amazing, i want it x 5. also, an illustration magazine which can be reused as wrapping paper? brilliant!

tray / cushion / magazine all from theo theo.

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there is so much gorgeous stuff on etsy at the moment, i’m sure it just keeps getting better and better and i feel like finding new lovely things on there is just never ending. i need more time. here is some rather lovely stuff i’ve found recently (triangles yeay!)…

stationery setcushion / earrings.

i’ll be spending much of this weekend at the olympic park. two weeks to go. two weeks to go. i’ll just keep telling myself that. but also am managing to squeeze in some time with some friends, and nick, and fran, whoo! i hope you have a good one, whatever you’re up to!

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there’s something about simple patterns in black and white that i’m just loving at the moment. this polka dot shirt looks so cute and comfy… and that bedding? ohmigosh yes please. whyyyy isn’t it available in urban outfitters uk? i keep stumbling upon gorgeous bedding recently but i’m trying to save save save at the moment so i’ll just have to wait!

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flowers in st mary’s garden in regent’s park / a new dress from vera moda / my fave pencil which my friend claire sent me from australia / dramatic sky over lonsdale square / above my mantlepiece; postcard from the kusama exhibition at tate modern, my fave convex mirror which we found in an antique shop for £5, postcard from seventy tree and a silly photo of me and my darling dad who i’ll be missing especially this weekend.

a couple of these are edited on vsco cam app which i’ve been hearing lots of fab things about, i like it so far but feel like i’m probably not getting the most out of it yet – anyone got any tips?!

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i love the idea of hanging a huge painting somewhere prominent in your home, to make a proper feature of the art. i used to paint big pictures a lot when i was younger, but haven’t for a while, mostly due to lack of space. but i’d really like to take it up again. i think you could base the style of a whole room on a painting, and love how these paintings look on these big blank walls.

this last image – wow! image 1 / image 2 / image 3

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without really thinking about it i’ve started to collect lovely kitchen jars, some antique, some new and shiney, some plain and some fancy. it’s a new obsession. we don’t have all that much space in our little kitchen in islington, and the space we do have is filling up fast. but jars filled with porridge oats and tea bags and brown sugar just look so lovely. so i think i’m just going to carry on…

image from here.

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