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things have changed around here a bit. i’m a student again! hurrah! only part time but still… i’m kinda loving it already. i have transformed my dining table into a desk, which will do until we can move to somewhere a bit bigger. i have an imac and crap loads of designy stuff. it’s nice and i like it. so anyway, i’ve started a new blog !!! it looks pretty similar to this one so far but hopefully it’ll change and grow lots over the next year or so. i’m hoping to share loads of design inspiration and some of my own work over there too. sort of a visual diary to run along side my course. i’m not sure what will happen to ourdreamlives – what do you think? my big sister fran and i started it over two years ago but it’s pretty much just me here now. maybe i’ll carry on with both and post here from time to time too. i’ll have to see how it goes. but i’ll keep you posted…! hope you have a good weekend!

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bonnie tsang’s photos are my fave. they’re beautiful and simple and gorgeous. i was looking through her tumblr snapshotstyle the other day and i was just swooning over her most recent photos. just look…

her instagram snaps are lovely too. this is making me want to get my camera out even more, ha, oh and is making me insanely jealous of the californian sunshine *sigh*

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I just stumbled across this 2010 project – a lyric a day – over at design crush. The project is by Lukes Beard who took a lyric every day and created a piece of art from it. And I think they’re pretty awesome.

I have really enjoyed looking through all these creations… and it’s funny how much you can read into one little lyric!

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Hello world! S is checking in on my behalf as, due to Virgin Media’s restrictive (read ridiculous) installation calendar, I haven’t had internet at home since moving to my new flat three weeks ago. It’s been tough, believe me. Hence the lack of blogging from yours truly.

Buut… I do have the Pinterest app on my iPhone and have been pinning away to my heart’s content. I know everyone in the blogging world has a lot of love for Pinterest, but I’m going to join in the chorus of admiration and express my genuine love for it. I’ve found it a constant source of inspiration for fashion in particular, but also for storing away all those interiors ideas for the day I finally get to have my own dream home. And for photos of cakes. Mmm, baking porn.

Anyhoo. Hello. Sorry for the absence. I promise to blog again as soon as I’m able. And here are a few of my favourite pins for you to enjoy in the meantime…

Sources clockwise from top left 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 and follow me here!

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One of my favourite things on one of my favourite blogs, Oh Joy!, is when Joy does her “this & that” posts. She takes one thing to wear, and one thing to decorate with, that complement each other. They’re just so clever! She has a very good eye for lovely things…

From Oh Joy!

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