does anyone else totaly love rachel khoo? and her gorgeous little parisien kitchen? and her hair? yeah, me too. loads. time to buy her book and hang up all my kitchen utensils I think.

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fran and I spent the four day easter weekend down in dorset with a lot of family, and a lot of friends! we walked along cliff tops, mooched around bridport market, pub lunched, played silly games, picnicked on the beach and ate too much cake. It was a pretty nice little break, and nice to be out of the city for a bit of country air…

I hope you had a nice time whatever you got up to!

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one of my birthday presents, from some lovely friends, was this necklace from iswas & willbe which I pinned a while back. needless to say I LOVE it, and love my friends for checking out my pinterest! it’s so pretty and unusual and looks awesome with a plain white tee-shirt. I’ve since checked out the rest of their stuff, and it’s all very gorgeous, plus it comes in the most beautiful packaging! I’d seriously recommend if you’re looking for a lovely gift for someome special!

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It was my birthday on the 15th, I wasn’t really looking forward to turning 28 but it was really pretty fun, and mostly, I feel exactly the same, ha. This time last year I turned 27 on the white sandy beaches of Gili Meno surrounded by palm trees, turquoise sea, turtles and banana shakes. So this year had a lot to live up to, but actually, it was sunny and HOT, like, freakishly hot for March. I was joking that my birthday has it’s own little microclimate, I like to think it does.  Anyway, it was ace and looked a little bit like this…

Neon ballet flats, gorgeous sunshine, walks around London, Yayoi Kusama exhibition, OH and a competition win from alphabet bags – see my heart tote?! I LOVE it and was super chuffed to win that on my birthday! Add to that some awesome friends and lovely presents, lots of delicious food, cake and drinks, and a fabulous date day with Nick makes for a pretty happy Sally.

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I spotted this house over on the design files the other day, and seriously love love it. It’s absolutely the perfect mix of old and new, and is full of natural light, lovely art, and unique furniture. Picture frames and postcards, open shelves and wallpapered cupboards, wooden floors and patterned rugs, old wood and new metal, neutral walls and bright art. Sally, make your home look like this when you’re a grown up.

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Friday night… YES. As you may have noticed I’ve been really pretty busy of late, and this week has just been craaazy. I’m also going through one of those stages when I just feel really blah at the end of the day and all I want to do is go home, put on my pyjamas, drink tea, watch telly and sleep! The last thing I want to do it open my laptop…I’m just not feeling at all inspired… so sorry for the shortage of blog posts. Sometimes I just feel like I need a bit of a break. The exciting news is that it’s my birthday in 6 sleeps, so have some fun times coming up, EXCITING! And then it won’t be long until I start my graphic design course, EXCITING! And also some dance rehearsals for something really pretty exciting, SO EXCITING! That’s made me feel better already… Nick and I are heading out of London tomorrow morning to visit some lovely lovely friends, I hope you all have lovely lovely weekends, whatever you’re up to!


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I discovered this hilarious print (well, I think Fran did) ages ago, and I love love it. But i’ve somehow only recently come across all the other brilliant work by London based designer and illustrator Aled Lewis. Do you love these? I love these so much. I’d like one on my wall please.

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