as promised some photos of our super relaxing holiday in greece. there was lots of reading, swimming,  sunbathing, greek salad, greek yoghurt, nice wine and snoozing. But there was also exploring white sandy beaches, beautiful cliff top walks and walking through white walled alleys in skiathos town. i couldn’t get enough of the colourful shutters, the lines of washing in the sunshine and the crazy electric wires.

soooooo pretty! take me back……..

images by me. you can see some of my instagram snaps here too!

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some photos of bath architecture, for your eyes. my sisters and i were there on sunday. we mooched around, did a bit of shopping, bought an m&s picnic and sat in front of the royal crescent. for ages. some yummy salads, a big fat newspaper, fresh fruit, lots of silly photos, some chocolate covered popcorn, obviously, a couple of naps and bit of sunburn (oops!) later and we were about ready to make a move, and go to the fudge shop. it was such a lovely day. bath is super gorgeous! i took seven million photos of the beautiful architecture. i had obviously been there before but not for a while, and it was such a perfect gorgeous sunny day for it. i’ve been out of london for the last three weekends and have visited oxford, bristol, bath, swindon and the costworlds. hence the lack of blog posts lately. i’ve got another busy couple of weeks coming up, but that’s ok because come mid september I’ll be glued to my desk (dining table) for the forseeable future and will never be able to leave london again. eeeep.

images by me taken on the iphone, edited with vscocam.

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i’ve seen these photographs pop up here and there recently, mostly on pinterest. but only just discovered the entire collection by gray malin titled ‘a la plage, a la piscine’ and they’re incredible! taken from above in a helicopter and picking up details of beaches, sea and pools across 4 different continents. i adore the colours, the natural compositions and the fabulous summery feel that these images have. perfect for this gorgeous sunshiney weekend!

right, we’re heading out of london for a long weekend with friends, whoo hoo! hope you have a good one!

found via i’m breanna rose.

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hey… sorry i’ve been a bit quiet of late. every single part of my life is crazy busy at the moment.

i finished my graphic design course, i really enjoyed it but was hoping that by the end of it i’d know if i should persue it further or not, and well, i don’t really. help! there is a lot to think about, much research to be done and some big decisions to be made! eek!

in the mean time my olympic rehearsal scedule is now insane, and i’m spending countless hours dancing around the stadium. still. so. surreal. i’m completely exhausted although the rehearsals themselves are still lots of fun! roll on august and the first weekend without a rehearsal since april!

so it’ll probably stay quiet around here for a while, but i’ll definitely find the time to appreciate the lovely little things, like these gorgeous roses i snapped on some sunny lunch breaks in june. aren’t they so gorgeous?! follow me on instagram for more regular updates, i have a bit more time for that!

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nick and i are just back from a lovely sunny couple of days in guernsey. we went over for a friends wedding on friday and spent saturday relaxing recovering in the sunshine, exploring beautiful gardens and beaches and wishing we could have stayed a little longer. we stayed in a gorgeous hotel in fermain  valley, and it was lovely and quaint and charming!

and some lovely stuff i’ve seen around blog land recently…

sorry for the crappy iphone pics, we packed light so didn’t take my slr!

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flowers in st mary’s garden in regent’s park / a new dress from vera moda / my fave pencil which my friend claire sent me from australia / dramatic sky over lonsdale square / above my mantlepiece; postcard from the kusama exhibition at tate modern, my fave convex mirror which we found in an antique shop for £5, postcard from seventy tree and a silly photo of me and my darling dad who i’ll be missing especially this weekend.

a couple of these are edited on vsco cam app which i’ve been hearing lots of fab things about, i like it so far but feel like i’m probably not getting the most out of it yet – anyone got any tips?!

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whoo hoo, the four day jubilee weekend is here! i know i should be sharing a lovely red white and blue themed post, and all things union jack, but i only got into the jubilee spirit in the last couple of days so haven’t been on the look out for that, although it is EVERYWHERE in london! i have plans to catch up with friends tomorrow and some other bits and bobs, but i’m hoping to spend much of the four days relaxing, and probably indoors as the sunshine has disappeared! i’m going to take some inspiration from these gorgeous photos by phillipa stanton

yes. well, our dining table isn’t quite this beautiful, but i can do tea, flowers, fresh fruit, juice, salad and maybe a bit of arts and crafts… that sounds pretty good to me. whatever you’re up to this weekend, i hope you have a good one!

you can see more of these beautiful photos on phillipa’s blog 5ftinf.

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things have been pretty busy here lately, good busy though. fran’s awesome 30th birthday party in bristol, a lovely bank holiday weekend spent mooching around london with friends, lots of graphic designing. gosh i’m not used to having to do homework anymore! my diary is also jam packed with rehearsals for the olympic opening ceremony as i got a place as a dancer in it, ha, (danny boyle is awesome). i’m off to hampshire this weekend for the little sister’s birthday, yeay. it’s all go, but it’s all fun so i’ve decided not to worry that i don’t blog quite as much these days. but here are some snaps of lately…

images by me. i miss the blossom.

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bonnie tsang’s photos are my fave. they’re beautiful and simple and gorgeous. i was looking through her tumblr snapshotstyle the other day and i was just swooning over her most recent photos. just look…

her instagram snaps are lovely too. this is making me want to get my camera out even more, ha, oh and is making me insanely jealous of the californian sunshine *sigh*

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