just popping in to say hi and bye! nick and i are off to skiathos in the morning, home of mama mia the movie, apparently. i need to forget that quick or i’ll have abba in my head all week long. no thanks. aaannnyway, hopefully it’ll be a lovely week of sunshine, sea, exploring and fabulous greek food. can’t wait! will be back here in just over a week, see you then! x


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fran and I spent the four day easter weekend down in dorset with a lot of family, and a lot of friends! we walked along cliff tops, mooched around bridport market, pub lunched, played silly games, picnicked on the beach and ate too much cake. It was a pretty nice little break, and nice to be out of the city for a bit of country air…

I hope you had a nice time whatever you got up to!

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Some friends and I are popping over to a gorgeous cottage in France for a long weekend away tonight, yipeeeeee. It’s going to mostly be spent relaxing in the sunshine (fingers crossed!), eating cheese, baguettes, artichokes, croissants and jam, and drinking lovely French wine! Mmmmmm, I can’t wait! But before I go…

Hope you have a good weekend! x

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Summer solstice. Most daylight we’re gonna get all year. The sun is tryyying to fight it’s way through the clouds, but it’s not doing too well today…    

*take me away on holiday*

Photo taken in Hvar, Croatia, summer 2010. I’m hoping for a last minute get away in Europe in August… do you have any summer holiday plans?

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We are off home to Hampshire today for a lovely family christmas, we absolutely cannot waaaait! We probably won’t be around here too much over the next week, so Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!!

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I’ve been to 22 countries now – horray! That’s two whole new countries since I last blogged about this weird obsession I have. I went to Greece and Croatia this summer and both were fantastic and just what I needed. Now my list looks something like this….

Belgium, Cambodia, Croatia, England, France, Germany, Greece, Holland, India, Italy, Japan,  Laos, Malaysia, Morocco, Norway, Scotland, Spain,  Switzerland, Thailand, USA, Vatican City (it counts) and Wales.

But now it’s brrrrr cold again now so I’m craving some more sunshine, big time. I’ve turned to thinking about a big winter holiday. I’m thinking Indonesia or Brazil, Indonesia…? Or Brazil…?

It’s impossible to decide.

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