london 2012

three and a half months of rehearsals in scorching sunshine and torrential rain at three different locations, three dress rehearsals and one huge insane enormous show, and the opening ceremony adventure is over. a few weeks ago i couldn’t waaaaait for rehearsals to be over, then all of a sudden i felt sad on the days when i wasn’t dancing around the stadium in my silly costume. it all got super intense and super exciting and even more fun and now it’s back to reality with a bang. i can’t beleive i almost pulled out at one stage. would i do it again? absolutely! i made the loveliest group of friends, we shared so many hilarious moments together and overall it was such an amazing and surreal experience. i have never felt so ridiculously excited in my life! having the opportunity to be directed by danny boyle in one of the biggest shows the world has seen was just incredible. there is a big gap to be filled… i need to sign up to some more dance classes! but for the time being i’m just going to enjoy my free time *horray* and make the most of the summer before the next big thing begins… which, fingers crossed, won’t be too long from now.

image by me using vsco cam.

{posted by s}

  1. Annabelle said:

    AMAZING job, Sally, I feel bad I haven’t said so yet! It was fantastic to watch. Yay London 2012 xx

    • thanks Annabelle! so so glad i stuck with it! hope you’re well xx

  2. Clare said:

    Brilliant photo Sal 🙂 x

  3. krystal said:

    what! am i missing something! what did you do??

    • hey krystal – i was a volunteer dancer in the opening ceremony… soooo much fun! x

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