etsy finds

there is so much gorgeous stuff on etsy at the moment, i’m sure it just keeps getting better and better and i feel like finding new lovely things on there is just never ending. i need more time. here is some rather lovely stuff i’ve found recently (triangles yeay!)…

stationery setcushion / earrings.

i’ll be spending much of this weekend at the olympic park. two weeks to go. two weeks to go. i’ll just keep telling myself that. but also am managing to squeeze in some time with some friends, and nick, and fran, whoo! i hope you have a good one, whatever you’re up to!

{posted by s}

  1. Thank you so much Sally for choosing my pillow cover to add to your sweet collection !

  2. Gloria said:

    I love that pillow – what a fun pop of color!

  3. arvilandbird said:

    I just stumbled across your blog and thought I would say hello 🙂 Love those triangle earrings!

    • thank you for stopping by! i love them too, i haven’t bought them yet but think i might soon! x

    • No problem Marta! And I’m glad to hear you’ll have more of those earrings in the future, I didn’t get around to buying them and then I thought I’d missed out, so I’ll keep a look out! Sally x

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