roses, bits & pieces

hey… sorry i’ve been a bit quiet of late. every single part of my life is crazy busy at the moment.

i finished my graphic design course, i really enjoyed it but was hoping that by the end of it i’d know if i should persue it further or not, and well, i don’t really. help! there is a lot to think about, much research to be done and some big decisions to be made! eek!

in the mean time my olympic rehearsal scedule is now insane, and i’m spending countless hours dancing around the stadium. still. so. surreal. i’m completely exhausted although the rehearsals themselves are still lots of fun! roll on august and the first weekend without a rehearsal since april!

so it’ll probably stay quiet around here for a while, but i’ll definitely find the time to appreciate the lovely little things, like these gorgeous roses i snapped on some sunny lunch breaks in june. aren’t they so gorgeous?! follow me on instagram for more regular updates, i have a bit more time for that!

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  1. Rehearsing for the Olympics must be so exciting!! Glad you’re still taking the time to stop and smell the roses 🙂

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