long weekend

whoo hoo, the four day jubilee weekend is here! i know i should be sharing a lovely red white and blue themed post, and all things union jack, but i only got into the jubilee spirit in the last couple of days so haven’t been on the look out for that, although it is EVERYWHERE in london! i have plans to catch up with friends tomorrow and some other bits and bobs, but i’m hoping to spend much of the four days relaxing, and probably indoors as the sunshine has disappeared! i’m going to take some inspiration from these gorgeous photos by phillipa stanton

yes. well, our dining table isn’t quite this beautiful, but i can do tea, flowers, fresh fruit, juice, salad and maybe a bit of arts and crafts… that sounds pretty good to me. whatever you’re up to this weekend, i hope you have a good one!

you can see more of these beautiful photos on phillipa’s blog 5ftinf.

{posted by s}

  1. Dolly Sancheti said:

    Oh i love the arrangment on your table , cheers to good events on your side .May they the best and happiest of all !
    I will be cathing up on the bbc for same.Love and Hugs and again the your table is so inviting.

    • thanks dolly, i agree the table is sooo inviting but unfortunately is not mine! thanks for stopping by, and hope you have a fab weekend too! sally.

  2. Dolly Sancheti said:

    Ah ! i missed to learn that you were drawing inspiration. The photographs were just beautiful and my eyes were glued on the arrangements on the table .But i do hope you will post pictures on the events .

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