It was my birthday on the 15th, I wasn’t really looking forward to turning 28 but it was really pretty fun, and mostly, I feel exactly the same, ha. This time last year I turned 27 on the white sandy beaches of Gili Meno surrounded by palm trees, turquoise sea, turtles and banana shakes. So this year had a lot to live up to, but actually, it was sunny and HOT, like, freakishly hot for March. I was joking that my birthday has it’s own little microclimate, I like to think it does.  Anyway, it was ace and looked a little bit like this…

Neon ballet flats, gorgeous sunshine, walks around London, Yayoi Kusama exhibition, OH and a competition win from alphabet bags – see my heart tote?! I LOVE it and was super chuffed to win that on my birthday! Add to that some awesome friends and lovely presents, lots of delicious food, cake and drinks, and a fabulous date day with Nick makes for a pretty happy Sally.

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  1. the “take courage” mural on the brick building is fabulous! love it.

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