spring wishlist

The sun is shining, the blossom is out, it’s almost my birthday, Spring is here, yeay! Time for a new wishlist…

…I really wouldn’t mind all of this, put together with a simple black tee. Pastels and gold, yum. Is there anything you’re swooning over in the shops at the moment?

necklaceclutch / jeans / jacket / nail varnish / ballet pumps

{Posted by S}


  1. Love the ballet shoes! Haven’t spied those in the shops yet. I seriously need some spring-coloured clothes – my wardrobe seems so dreary! x

  2. Gloria said:

    Love all these pretty spring picks – those shoes are gorgeous!

  3. krystal said:

    I’m a bit in love with this list…thought you should know!

  4. Oooh loving the gold topped pumps! On my wishlist is a really comfy but really cute pair of flats that I can walk long distances in without getting blisters… not sure such a thing exists of course! 😉

    • They actually do! I got some for my birthday 🙂
      Sally x

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