london lately

London in the sunshine is the best. This winter has been incredible, even when it got down to below freezing and there was snow on the ground, it was still mostly sunny. It’s hardly rained, AT ALL. And then yesterday, I went for a walk in Regent’s Park, I took off my coat and the actual sun actually warmed me up. It was SO GOOD. Spring has come early! Now stay for a while please.

Tomorrow I’m having a jam packed day of fun in London with both sisters, and my mum, as a surprise for her birthday, and I’m sooooo excited! Hope you all have lovely weekends whatever you’re up to!

Images by me, on instgram.

{Posted by S}


  1. Gorgeous pictures, especially that top one. I’m really enjoying sunny London too – makes getting up in the morning SO much easier!

    • I know! It makes things a million times easier, can’t believe how gorgeous this weekend has been!

    • Thanks Will! It was really good, hope you had a fab weekend!

  2. Such gorgeous pix! Love the top one…

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