washi tape love…

So, we live in a rented flat in London, which basically means I get cravings and urges all the time to paint walls and radiators, put up new curtains, smash up our wardrobes, and bang ridiculous amounts of picture hooks into the walls. But, well, we can’t really go overboard like that, sigh. And pinterest doesn’t help as it gets me swooning over dream homes all the freaking time. But then I found these…

…and have started using washi tape to put up prints and pictures. I actually love that it adds a bit of colour to our walls, and also how it’s not at all permanent and I can move things around. I bought a few more rolls of tape from Smug on the weekend, I’m gonna go washi tape craaaazy!

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{Posted by S}

  1. tabitha said:

    LOVE washi tape! so glad i’m not the only one with this obsession 🙂

    • gosh, no… not at all. I can’t stop buying the stuff!

  2. i get the same cravings to paint my rented apt walls and completely redecorate – all the beautiful photographs on pinterest can do that to you! love the idea of using washi tape to hang pictures!

  3. Gloria said:

    Yay! Another use for my washi tape collection!

  4. claire said:

    such a good idea! i like the pink one loads

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