new years resolution #3

Explore London more. Why? Because it’s super amazing, and I live here, and who knows how long I’ll live here for… ok, we have no plans to move or anything, but y’know. I’ve got into the habit of going back to familiar places lots, and grown tired of the long journeys across the city, but there are still SO MANY parts of London I’ve never even visited. Oh, and when I do, I have to take my SLR so I can take amazing photos, and maybe even learn how to actually use it. So, on Saturday, some friends and I went to Richmond, and it’s GORGEOUS! And it was freezing, and sunny, and we went for a walk, followed by mulled wine in a pub garden watching the sunset. And even though it was a bit of a trek, I’m so glad we went, and it was so very pretty…

Photos by me.

{Posted by S}

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  1. wiz said:

    seems that God makes up for all the rain in London by allowing it to be especially beatiful on the sunny days … the first shot with the subtle rainbow is my favorite !

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