new years resolution #1

Wear heels more. Why? Because life’s too short not to wear heels. I’ve been a flat shoe wearer for a long long long time, becauase I am tall and feel quite self conscious in heels (I know, stoopid), because I looove ballet pumps and mocassins and comfort, because I snapped my ACL in 2010 and couldn’t physically wear heels for quite a while, so I’m really out of practice, also, because I’m suprisingly good at falling over. But then I see a lovely lady wearing gorgeous heels and I go *siiiiiiiiigh*. That’s why.

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{posted by S}

  1. Gloria said:

    Even without ACL problems, heels have always been tough for me. I’ve just never found a pair that I could wear the entire day without being in agony! Doesn’t stop me from buying them though 🙂

    • Ha, thanks Gloria, makes me feel a little better 🙂 I actually have the pair Lucy Laught is wearing in the second picture, but I’ve only managed to wear them once, even though I love them! *sigh*

  2. Caroline said:

    Good resolution, I’m a flat shoe girl too but have lots of gorgeous heels that I want to wear more but just never do! This weekend, I’m going to wear heels

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