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Hello world! S is checking in on my behalf as, due to Virgin Media’s restrictive (read ridiculous) installation calendar, I haven’t had internet at home since moving to my new flat three weeks ago. It’s been tough, believe me. Hence the lack of blogging from yours truly.

Buut… I do have the Pinterest app on my iPhone and have been pinning away to my heart’s content. I know everyone in the blogging world has a lot of love for Pinterest, but I’m going to join in the chorus of admiration and express my genuine love for it. I’ve found it a constant source of inspiration for fashion in particular, but also for storing away all those interiors ideas for the day I finally get to have my own dream home. And for photos of cakes. Mmm, baking porn.

Anyhoo. Hello. Sorry for the absence. I promise to blog again as soon as I’m able. And here are a few of my favourite pins for you to enjoy in the meantime…

Sources clockwise from top left 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 and follow me here!

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  1. Katie said:

    I LOVE Pinterest! Such a great website to waste time on! 🙂

  2. Pinterest is so cool, but I don’t have an account, ha! I do love looking through all of the inspiring images, though. Trying to keep away from the addiction!

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