( Ma + Chr )

Well it hasn’t been the nicest of weeks for London so far (or any other part of England, for that matter…) what with all these INSANE riots. Grrrr. Ugh. *Sigh* But this blog isn’t really about current social situations or rants, so although Monday night was a little scary, I’ll just be thankful that it seems to be dying down and move on to talk about pretty art…..! I love this stuff –

Such beautiful creations from ( Ma + Chr ) – the pastel colours with the vintage black and white is such an awesome combination, and the mis matched prints and patters, I love it. I think it’s happy, and I think it’d look great on my walls. That is all.

Spotted over at Simone LeBlanc.

{Posted by S}

  1. Ahhh, I love this stuff too. Looks much prettier than burnt out cars x

  2. Oh gosh, really crazy about England. I keep checking the news to see if it’s finally over. Stay safe! Makes me weary about going to England in the fall.

    On a much brighter note, I’ve loved that umbrella image for quite some time and am happy to finally know who is the maker!

  3. love the mix between the photographs, graphics, and the colors! the pastels pair so nicely with the black and white photos! the second and third ones are my favorite!

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