colourful kitchens

Ok… it’s official, not only am I obsessed with the colour mustard, I also am clearly obsessed with colourful kitchens with painted furniture and open shelving. This is definitely the way to go for me when I get to decorate my own kitchen. We have an adorable antique set of shelves in our living room which would look perfect painted turquoise and filled with pretty bowls and cups. That’ll be a start…

1 / 2 / 3 / 4 all via pinterest.

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  1. Cara said:

    You have fantastic taste in kitchens! Any one of those look like a place I’d like to curl up with an endless pot of tea and a good book and spend the day. I may just have to repin some of these!

    • Perfect idea Cara…! Mmmm love sitting around kitchen tables with a pot of tea!

  2. the shelves sound like a great start. i’m really loving that table in the second photo…i want it!

  3. I LOVE these pictures! It makes it so much more fun to cook when you have lots of pretty colors to brighten up the room! Great post!

  4. Beautiful ideas here! I love open shelving (and I too am unabashedly obsessed with mustard, both the color and the condiment)!

    • open shelving is the best! why would you want to hide such pretty china away in a cupboard?! Will try to find you on Pinterest 🙂 Sally

  5. Whoops – linked to the wrong blog. This one links to my blog! Or I’ll see you on Pinterest since we seem to have the same taste 🙂

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