coral loveliness

How funny is it that two sisters, who live in two different cities 100 miles apart, would both think “hmm, I fancy a new dress”, pop into the same shop, and independently buy THE EXACT SAME DRESS. Pretty funny. S and I have always always done this. When it comes to fashion taste, it’s like we’ve got a psychic link of some kind. (Although S has that stylist guru touch that I am still sadly lacking… darn it.)

Today’s identical purchase…

From French Connection.

{posted by F}

  1. Cov said:

    That colour is just so fabulous it’s UNTRUE. S styled me for a recent wedding. She truly has The Gift.

  2. Cole said:

    I love that you bought the same dress! But again, if I saw that dress I would have to buy it! Lovely!

  3. Great minds think alike! That is so funny though! It’s a super cute dress, I don’t blame either of you!!

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