June 21

Summer solstice. Most daylight we’re gonna get all year. The sun is tryyying to fight it’s way through the clouds, but it’s not doing too well today…    

*take me away on holiday*

Photo taken in Hvar, Croatia, summer 2010. I’m hoping for a last minute get away in Europe in August… do you have any summer holiday plans?

{Posted by S}


  1. a last minute getaway sounds absolutely amazing! from that picture of yours, I think i would choose to a croatian escape – it looks beautiful there!

  2. I’d happily go back there but still feel there is so much of Europe I’ve yet to see! I know you’re a long way from Croatia, but I’d still really recommend it 🙂
    Sally x

  3. Any kind of getaway sounds incredible to me!!! I’m hoping to make my way over to Europe this summer and maybe a trip to India as well. We’ll see how that goes!!!
    Star Hughes Living

    • Wowwww! That would be an absolutely amazing trip – I hope you make it! I went to India just over a year ago, so glad I went, it was really amazing!!

  4. Croatia is my the most fav summer holiday place! I managed to go last year near Sibenik but Dalmacia is where my hear lies.

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