Fran was in London this weekend, which was fuuun! We spent a very rainy Sunday together under umbrellas, mooching around the shops in Islington, eating noodles, mooching around more shops and drinking tea with cupcakes! We popped into SMUG for a browse, pretty much fell in love with everything in the shop, and I bought a pretty snazzy spatula (project baking is about to begin…!) It’s a lovely little independent shop run by Lizzi Evans on Camden Passage, which is one of my fave bits of London – full of antique stalls, vintage shops, adorable cafes and unique gift shops. But SMUG is one of my favourites…


We could have spent a small fortune. As well as gorgeous vintage furniture and super fun homeware, SMUG also has the most adorable array of stationery (Fran was in heaven), beautiful candles and a rather lovely collection of bags. I love the owl cushion so so much. And the blue dresser. And I just love how quirky and different this shop is, and how beautifully all the objects are laid out. This is my kind of shop!

P.S I’m going to try to do a bit more blogging about London stuff, because I love it, and sometimes feel like I’m perhaps not making the most of living in this wonderful city!

Images by me.

{Posted by S}

  1. Cole said:

    Um…I’m glad this shop is across the pond or else I’d be one poor lady! It looks absolutely lovely!

  2. Love that vintage cupboard and bag in the first shot – that’s pretty much my favourite shade of teal/blue!
    Ronnie xo

  3. I’m so happy you’ll be posting more about living in London!!! Though it could be trouble, as my local airport just opened up direct flights to London. I am dying to go. These pictures are great – I love antiques!
    Star Hughes Living

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