the burning house

I’ve just come across this totally amazing project by Foster Huntington named the burning house (found via Black Eiffel) which is a series of photographs of the things people would take with them if their house was burning down.

I hope no houses ever burn down, ever ever… but it’s really interesting to see what different people find important in their lives (lots of people save shoes, I clearly haven’t found the perfect pair of shoes yet?!) and I think it says a lot about each individual. Also my mind is going crazy and I’m virtually walking around my flat in my head trying to figure out what I’d take…!

I’m going to try and put together a list and take a photo, see how I look as a pile of stuff!

What would you take with you?!

{Posted by S}

  1. Cole said:

    This is a fascinating theme for a project! Definitely got me thinking about what I would grab. Can’t wait to head over and check out more!

  2. this is such an interesting project! i think i just stared at those photos wondering about the personalities and people behind each of these pictures. i’m not sure of everything i’d take, but photo albums, my journals, and laptop (it has all my pictures) would definitely be on the list…

  3. wow… i like the idea. but i have no idea what id take!!!! I gues things that can’t be replaced… ummm like certain special items. i like the second photo…. take the baby 🙂

  4. I am TOTALLY obsessed with this concept. Thanks so much for introducing it to me. Really, I think it’s a brilliant idea and a great way to evaluate what’s really important to us at certain seasons of our life. I want to do this with my husband and see what each of us would try to take with us (assuming we’d have enough time to do so) in the event of a fire.

  5. I saw this on the Black Eiffel too! Such a unique idea… it really made me think! I’d take my computer, photo albums, and maybe some other little momentos that mean a lot to me. Oh and my dog, of course!
    Star Hughes Living

  6. So fascinating hey?! I’m determined to take a photo of my own soon! Although obviously if it were ever to actually happen I’d just want for Nick and I got out of the place as fast as we could 🙂
    Sally x

  7. Theresa said:

    what an amazing project – very interesting to look at and try to figure out who might be the person behind the photo.

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