hatch show print

Howdy y’all, I’m back from the Deep South after my epic road trip. Many an excellent thing was experienced, and I may well blog about lots of them in the coming days, but one of the highlights was a trip to Hatch Show Print in Nashville, Tennessee. This place has been making letterpress music posters (and more) since 1879. It still does all of them old-style, using traditional letterpress equipment. I took some photos (which I’ll add when I’ve trawled through my 600 holiday photos) of the shop  itself which is incredible – rows and rows of letterpress blocks and the walls covered in bright and colourful artwork. Like this:

For those non-Americans/country music fans out there, the Grand Ole Opry is, like, the Mecca of country music. I didn’t feel at all out of place among the cowboy boots and neckerchiefs ;o)

R and I bought this one for our holiday souvenir:

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  1. this place sounds awesome!! love your nashville print! S xx

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