happy birthday to us!

This little blogalog is one year old today. Happy Birthday ourdreamlives! Thank you to unruly things and 100 layer cake in particular which were the first sources of inspiration in a very snowy, very cold month in 2010.

Sal had a little bit of a crisis in confidence about where we were going with this about a month ago – particularly when she saw this blog entry from one of our favourite blogs, wit&delight, which described the blogging world as “so much sameness disguised as creativity”. I pointed out that it doesn’t really matter whether or not our visitors see us as sameness or not, as long as we’re having fun and are at least inspiring each other in some way. If nothing else, it’s made buying Christmas and birthday presents for Sal super dooper easy.

There have definitely been some clear themes this year. S has a growing obsession with bookcases and picture walls, has continued her quest for world domination and continues to be my style guru. And I’m a sucker for anything sugary and cupcakey and am still hunting for that elusive perfect maxidress. (S may have just found it actually from Monsoon the other day – swoon).

Thank you to everyone who’s stopped by and said hello. Keep coming – we love to see you here! Here’s to year 2.

Photo from weheartit.

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  1. Cole said:

    Happy 1 year! Congrats!!!

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