duvet day

Did anyone else find it near impossible to get out of bed this morning? It was sooo dark! Just imagine how difficult getting up would be if this was what you woke up in every morning… I need these ruffles in my life!

{posted by S}

  1. Nicole said:

    I’ve wanted a ruffly duvet FOREVER!

  2. Cov said:

    If this bedding was in my life, I would roll around in it.

    It would not be hard to wake up, but it would be hard to leave the ruffles behind for a day at stoopid work.

  3. Cole said:

    Sally, I saw your comment on my vlog so I thought this
    might be the best way to get in touch with you. Toilet papering (or
    TPing) is definitely an american thing. You throw toiled paper on a
    the trees around a house so the people have to clean it up. It’s
    something you do to people to annoy them mostly (this is something
    teenagers do) I got TPed a lot in high school, we lived on a rural
    road so no one got caught. Mostly just good fun, never malicious.
    Writing an explanation makes it sound ridiculous πŸ™‚

  4. i would love to wake up that every single day. so much better than my cheap ikea duvet!

  5. F&S said:

    Nicole – haha! thanks for explaining πŸ™‚

    I soooooo want to just throw my ‘no more spending’ rule out the window so I can buy this duvet set, love it so much!

    Sally x

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