lovely lingerie

I have always loved Elle Macpherson lingerie, but never owned any. But, oh wait… That’s about to change…! 2011 resolution number 1 – get some decent underwear, girl! When I’m feeling up to it *cough, cough* I’m hauling myself down to Selfridges to buy some, I am 100% convinced that this will make me feel all better again.

Top and bottom from Elle Macpherson Intimates, middle from Asos.

{Posted by S}

  1. F&S said:

    This is also one of my resolutions! My problem is though, that I always love the bras but the knickers that go with them are way too skimpy and give massive wedgies. I must find a lovely set with some substantial knickers. That is my goal.

    F x

  2. F&S said:

    That is so true… gorgeous underwear sets either come with a skimpy thong, or big fat short pants. What’s so wrong with normal sized knickers!?! 🙂
    S x

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