the dilemma of the designer handbag

I never used to be much of a fan of designer handbags, I always kinda thought they were a CRAZY amount of money for a bag just because it had a name attached to it, and also, a lot of them are actually reeeeally ugly! I also really hate stuff with the name splashed about all over it, yuk. However… these days whenever I see a lady with a gorgeous bag on the street/tube/wherever, it always ends up being designer. Gah! I must be growing up. And maybe, spending £500-1000 (waaghhh!) on an insanely beautifully made bag which you could potentially love for forever more, rather than £100 on a high street bag (or £300 for a high end high street bag!) that you may get bored of after a year, is not such a bad idea.

Hmmmmm…. What are you thoughts on this?

Because I’ve recently been falling for some nice little designer numbers….! They really are quite beautiful. *sigh*

Chloe, Marc by Marc Jacobs, Mulberry.

{Posted by S}

  1. I say splash out. That Chloe bag is to die for and you’re right – in the long run it’ll save money. I’ve had my trusty Bayswater for about 5 years now and use it every day. Saves spending £100 on a high street version every few months! 😀

  2. F&S said:

    I’m also a MASSIVE fan of the Chloe one… F x

  3. F&S said:

    Oooh the Bayswater is another one I think is insanely beautiful! Yeah, I think the Chloe one is my fave I just don’t know if I could actually bring myself to spend that much money on a bag! One day… 🙂

    Sally x

  4. ohh that chloe up top is such perfection- and a classic piece. Try checking out some high end consignment shops in your area- you’d be surprised what you might find. Also, think of these bags as an investment and divide the price by times of use..that might have steer off some of the guilt!

  5. F&S said:

    Yes, you’re right…! I think it would be a fantastic investment and one day I will buy one 🙂 thank you for helping to remove my guilt a bit!!
    Sally x

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