new home #2

So, we’ve been in our new flat for just over a week now. Yipeee! It is indeed so snuggly and cosy and we have prettied things up and I have made the mantlepiece look super cute. But *oh no* we don’t have a hammer. Therefore, there are no incredible picture walls to talk about yet. This, believe me, is more distressing to me than you could ever imagine. And just REALLY frustrating. I did try a ladel. It didn’t work. So until a hammer and some more picture hooks are purchased this weekend, I shall just have to swoon at other beautiful picture walls online… I have decided by the way just to put my antiquey convex mirror above the fireplace, and put the picture wall above the sofa.

(I’m reeeeally sorry, I’m not sure where all of these pictures came from. The second image is from here, third and fifth from weheartit.)

I think I mostly like this random and quite cluttered approach. I’m going to go with that. I imagine if I tried to attempt something orderly I’d become insanely obsessed with making everything symmetrical and my head would explode.

It’ll be done soon. I promise.

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