cherry heaven

I bought a HUGE wooden box of cherries at the fruit and veg shop yesterday for £2.50!! They’re not the ridiculously plump, almost purple ones you get in M&S, but shiny red ones. Still yummy. I’m going to make these today:

Chocolate cherry cupcakes by Nigella.

Also, the box the cherries came in is totally cute with retro Spanish labels and to be honest I might have spent £2.50 just on that. I need to think of a cunning way to use it.

{posted by F}

  1. Oh, how delish! I saw some cherry-topped ones at the EAT festival in Newcastle on Sunday but the chocolate version is just too irresistible.

    I responded to your question about the trinkets shop in Bristol on the blog post but in case you didn’t see it, here it is:

    I was just about to tell you that I don’t recall the name of the antique shop but then I remembered that inside a gorgeous 1920s teapot I bought there is a card from the shop! It’s Arcadia Antiques & Interiors and it’s at 4 Boyces Avenue in Clifton Village. I really must photograph the teapot for a show and tell! I hope you find your own treasure!

    Denise ♥

  2. F&S said:

    Oh thanks so much! Totally forgot to check back, so thank you for letting me know. I’ve got a weekend of Bristol pootling coming up so will definitely include Arcadia in my day.

    (The cupcakes were amazing, btw)

    F x

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