swimming costumes

I’m going on a girly summer holiday to Croatia in a month’s time. I’d like a proper swimming costume rather than a bikini this year. Here are my faves…

This one’s quite plain, but I love the shape across the boobs – and it’s on sale for only £17! From ASOS.

I bet this one’s uber flattering. £38 from Monsoon.

Cuuuuuute little hearts! £25 from Accessorize.

This one is H.O.T. £30 from Lepel at Figleaves.

I also like this one from Next and this one from M&S but their silly websites won’t let me take their photos.

{posted by F}

1 comment
  1. F&S said:

    Here are my faves:

    1. Next
    2. Figleaves
    3. Accessorize.

    But…. reeeeally, when you’re on the beach in Croatia, do you reeeeeally think you’ll put on a swimming costume over a bikini??! I’m not so sure, not matter how much I lurrrrve them.

    S xx

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