summer boots

I spend most of the summer in little pumps or sometimes flipflops (although my feetsies are ugly so I like to hide them away). I can’t find a decent pair of sandals because I have such wiiiiiiiide feet and they’re all too narrow. But… I’ve been seeing some summer-time ankle boots around and about recently. I think they’d be quite great with a little summer skirt on days when it’s not toasty toasty hot (i.e. most English summer days). What do you think? (The tops ones from Urban Outfitters are my FAVES.)

£55 from Urban Outfitters

£65 from Topshop

£100 by Carvela from ASOS

£80 by Minnetonka from net-a-porter

{posted by F}

  1. Sally said:

    Ooooh. I have been noticing lots of people out and about in London with little boots and little skirts and think it’s a totally awesome look. Even though I think that if I hadn’t seen it I’d think it was a totally bizarro idea. I think the second or last ones are my faves. The carvela ones are too wintery…?? xx

  2. F&S said:

    Agreed re the Carvela ones. I’m still in love with the UO ones. And £55 really isn’t very much…

  3. Sally said:

    I still prefer the 2nd and last ones. The UO ones look to elfy/hippy to me. xx

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