Summer inspiration…

I’ve seen (500) Days of Summer quite a few times now, because I completely love it. And then I got it on DVD for my birthday, whoopieeee. Anyway… last time I saw it I thought ‘Hmmm, Summer’s clothes are awesome. I’m going to dress like her from now on. I can definitely pull this look off at work.’ (Because I have these little resolutions about ‘my look’ every now and then.) So when I was in Zara the other day I bought such a pretty blue and white striped skirt with a little brown belt at the top which I thought was very ‘Summer’. I love it! It’s so adorable. I’m wearing it today and the first thing one of my friends said to me when I got into work was “Oooh you look so summery!”. Horrah!

So now I want to buy little shirt dresses and more adorable high waisted skirts to be like Summer. One thing I didn’t actually notice is that she’s pretty much always wearing blue, I found that out when I read this interview with Hope Hanafin, the stylist. I’d quite like to be a film stylist. That must be a great job, right?!

Summer’s wardrobe………

Images found at CollegeFashion. She’s just so adorable!

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  1. F&S said:

    I love this! Excellent idea to have a “style icon”. I challenge you to buy nothing else all summer that doesn’t fit into the Summer style category x

  2. Sally said:


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