Creative Thursdays

I haven’t blogged for a while (luckily F has been, lots) and I’m very busy and not feeling very inspired today. I do have something up my sleeve though, as they say. I realise that it’s not Thursday, but, I’ve been trying to do something creative every Thursday, and this is something I did a few Thursdays ago in April. It was so super sunny all of April, and this one day was so nice I walked all the way home from Regent’s Park to Islington, and took “up” and “down” photos all the way (like a total loser)… here are a small few of them:

{Posted by S}

  1. Fran said:

    OMFG! They’re amazing! You’re amazing! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  2. Fran said:

    PS is that roboleg I spot? ;o) x

  3. Sally said:

    Ha ha, thanks!! I only took them on my little phone. Robo-leg wasn’t actually there that day. xx

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