Anthro dreaming

S got me the best present in the world ever, didn’t you?! Vouchers for Anthropologie which means now I can dream about what to buy. We need to arrange a shopping trip!

Here. I prefer it in the raspberry pink though… see…

I’ve blogged about this one before, but I do think it’s lovely.

Mmmm, watercolour loveliness.

I love this one – but it’s £88. Ha.


Oooh, good for work and play.

I think that’s enough for now… and I haven’t even started on the bottoms and the home stuff 🙂

PS I found this website and I think it’s fucking brilliant.

{posted by F}

1 comment
  1. Sally said:

    I heart all of these, especially numero four and six. When are we going to go shopping there then, hey? hey? hey? x

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