bedroom love

I LOVE my beautiful bedroom. Just look at this one little corner of it… Makes me think about moving at the end of the summer – if I went with a shiny new apartment I just wouldn’t have anything like this beautiful little fireplace.

Lots of things on that wall mean something so important to me… the little light wood framed photo is me aged one with my darling Daddy and Grandpa on the canal. The framed black photographs in the bottom left were taken by my talented little sister, H, in Barcelona (where I lived for 3 months). The beautiful Japanese print was given to me for Christmas by my other lovely sister, S. The framed silver picture on the mantlepiece is me, S, H and mummy being silly in police hats – love. The card is a Valentine’s card from R with a gorgeous photo of the Jurassic Coast in Dorset where we spent a lovely weekend once. On the left (just out of shot) is a poster of Parc Guell in Barcelona (I love the colours). Stuck to the wardrobe on the far right (just out of shot) is a little watercolour painting that my Grannie did. Stuck to the bottom left hand corner of the mirror is a Thundercats badge from my New Year’s Eve fancy dress costume! I LOVE MY ROOM!

Oh, also – look what I made yesterday (inspired by Ottolenghi)

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  1. Sally said:

    Your bedroom is oh so very pretty and tidy you lucky thing. The picture frames look good.
    I even like the colour even though it’s lilac.


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