Project Photograph

I’d had a bit of cider in the sunshine yesterday afternoon and when I got back to Angel I was a little tipsey and didn’t want to go indoors, so I took a stroll up Upper St to look for amazing awesome frames for Project Photograph. It didn’t go well, all the frames I loved were stand up frames rather than hang on your wall frames. Rubbish. But I did get this little cutie from Oliver Bonas to get me started.

I know, it’s not hugely exciting but it might look cute with a black & white photo in it.

Anyway, I will store all my amazing photo frames up so that when I have a dream home to decorate I can create an amazing photograph wall like this

From Decorno

I would like it to be quite random, quirky and pretty. And not neccessarily just have photograph frames, it could have cute little things dotted between. Mum has loads of framed pictures which aren’t hung up, I think I need to sort her out something like this… or just borrow them!

This one is cute too…

From AdmiringPrettyThings

Now I just need to stop being so lazy and actually get loads of my favourite pictures printed off…!

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  1. Yes! Do it! I like your new frame, it’s a nice colour, well done. Let’s have a weekend where we sort out photos and try and go to a market or lots of charity shops or something where we can find amazing frames! Yes! xx

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