Lovely Blue Room

Isn’t this room just soooooo lovely?!

It might be the loveliest room I have ever seen. The colour is amazing and the next room I decorate, whenever that may be, is going to be painted this colour. The framed photographs are beautiful too, and the cutsey furniture and cushions. Isn’t it a shame that framing pictures well isn’t cheap? Yes. It is. I really must start Project Photograph. I’m going to start it tonight, I’ve just decided.

I’m tempted to paint my old room at Mum’s house this colour, but that’s already quite a nice blue so I probably won’t. But I will get rid of all the crap that is in there and create an amazing photograph wall. Yes. I will. I can’t wait.

I found it on Elle Decor, which might just become one of the most useful websites ever when I have my dream home.

{Posted by S}

  1. That is SUCH a good idea – to decorate your room at Mum’s house! It can be like a storage room until you get your own dream home. Hmmmm.

    So – explain project photograph in more detail please. A post would help.


  2. Also – we must start looking for vintage frames that we can paint or varnish. Cos then all you have to pay at the framing shop is the finish… it’s the frame itself that’s the expensive part. x

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